Friday, January 11, 2013

What's completed?

The game is coming along nicely! I got a lot done tonight. It's kind of annoying not being able to use graphics at this stage, because I really would like to know what things looked like, so I wouldn't have to completely rework something later if the graphics don't "work" for how I designed it (if that makes sense). I'm just using primitives and solid-colored boxes and stuff like that...

Anyway, here's what is fully functional in the game!

* The time system works perfectly... everything takes time as it should, and the calendar moves along like it should. Monsters go to sleep after it gets so late. I will have to make shops have closing times soon...
* The shops, other than opening/closing times, are fully functional, too! You can now go to town and buy items! There are 10 meals/foods and 10 teas in the game right now. Shops restock every day with 3 items (and the ones from the previous day are lost!) so please check shops regularly, and be on the lookout for rare items, too!
* Training in facilities works perfectly! There is only one kind of facility right now (empty lot) but it is easily expandable, I just have to decide on the base increases and stuff for each facility. The facility will function no matter which one it recognizes you as being inside, so all I have to do is add to the facility database.
* Inventory is working and you can feed items to your monster. The monster gets full when eating meals, and can only have one a day. The items also affect your training like they should!
* Sleeping 'updates' the game as it should... your monster will recover a little from fatigue overnight, more if you didn't make it train that day, and will also update things like hunger and stuff.
* Some sounds and minor polish are integrated into the game. Partly this is because state transitions needed to be smoother/take a bit to make certain parts work, so now the screen fades when you go between areas, and there's a walking sound effect, too! There are also keyboard sound effects and stuff... a level up sound, and some music.

Here's what I'll be working on soon:

* The farm upgrading system and all the facilities. I need to add the shop where you can upgrade your farm and facilities and get new ones. This will be easily completed and will probably be done tomorrow.
* The "house" menu where you can go to save your game and sleep. I will not add a savegame feature until the game is near complete, however, because I am still not 100% decided on which method I will use to implement it.
* The "sick" and "injured" states for the monsters when you work them too hard or when they get hurt during training or competition. These are special conditions that will change how many things work, so I will need to go back and make sure other systems properly check for these states.
* Possibly more artwork, since right now everything is just text and rectagular placeholders :)

The music is also coming along really well. Seriously, the soundtrack is going to be EPIC! It sounds really professional, even better than some commercial games. I am really happy with the way it is coming along! I will ask permission from the composer to post a piece of music publicly before release. I wish I had the money to hire an artist to do all of the drawing and spriting for me, because it's really way too much for me, and I'm not the best artist in the first place.

If you know of anyone who would work for free for now, let me know :3 Just kidding. Kinda.

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