Saturday, January 19, 2013

An update.

So you guys know, the game is coming along fine! Some things were going much faster than I had planned, so I thought there'd be a playable alpha build ready by the end of the month... Well, there may be, but I find no reason for anyone but me to play with it >_> I may have a couple of people mess with it to offer suggestions and do some minor debug while I fill in all the artwork and polish and stuff. Which will take months in itself...

I also plan on adding a story. I also, strangely enough, forgot to account that I have to design and draw ALL the monsters. Which is... a LOT. >_>; Characters, too. Though the characters won't be too hard because there really aren't that many and most will only have a couple of poses/expressions, if they even have more than one. (Since they'll essentially just be 'signboards' for the shops lol)

Anyway, the game has a functioning save/load system now! It's great! I've added a lot of other stuff, too... I'm going to add the monster shop and then the only thing left will really be the contests...! I mean, besides lots of minor things and stuff here and there to finish stuff up. But I mean, it's the last core system that will be implemented.

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