Friday, January 25, 2013

Naming the Game

Hey everyone! Skitter is coming along really well, and I have some really great updates for you guys!

The game is almost playable, but of course I still need to add all the art. Luckily, we've found an animator for the team! So that brings our team to three now :D If it comes down to it, I'll definitely be doing the backgrounds myself... and possibly the character portraits, but I'd really like to hire artists to do those things, especially the portraits. I don't want to do the backgrounds, but I can do them. If someone was doing the other two, though, it'd be a lot easier to do the backgrounds.

But yeah, a three-person team now! I'm really excited about our new addition, and I may make some developer profiles soon for each of us :3 I'm also going to amp up the quality of this blog and do some promotional artworks soon, and then it'll be Kickstarter time...!

So, I've been thinking a bit more about the final name the game will have. "Skitter" is cute, and it is a name of a monster in the game, but it doesn't really encompass the entire game... It would be as if Pok√©mon was named "Bulbasaur" or Final Fantasy VII was named "Barret" or something...

The basic concept of the story will focus on a legend that your relative had been researching when they disappeared. You will learn about their disappearance while raising monsters on your ranch, and learn more about the legend while solving the mystery of your missing relative. So the game will focus on a legend-based story, and a story of discovery. But I also want the title to reflect the fact that the game focuses on the care and raising of monsters. I think a title like "Monster Legends" or something is way too generic-sounding. Using more obscure words like "Bestial Legend" or something sounds kind of "neat" but I don't know if it even sounds like a monster game anymore. I also don't really have any kind of "cute" name for the monsters like Chupachupsamongotchis or something. They are just called monsters, creatures, critters, etc.

Maybe something like "Creature of Legends," which could refer to both how you're trying to take care of a monster and raise it to fame, but also to the fact that you're researching a legend about a particular creature. And since creature can also refer to people, it could refer to the player become something of a legend themselves. I think it sounds neat. What do you guys think? I'll ask my facebook friends to help with suggestions, too, I think...

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